Learning English in Boston

America's city of education

Students learning English in Boston get to take advantage of everything the wonderful city has to offer. Did you know that there are more than 50 colleges in the Boston area? Did you know that one in every four residents within the Boston city limits are college students? Boston is a very student-friendly city! Additionally, Boston ranks as the third best city to live in the USA.

Modern Boston

Whether you examine Boston’s past or its future, you will discover that Boston has always and will be a cosmopolitan center that attracts the intellectuals, the curious, and the adventurers. The Boston area is the country’s center for higher education and modern medicine. A couple of the best universities in the world are in the Boston area: Harvard University and MIT. The best hospitals and medical research done in the world are also withing Boston at hospitals like the Children’s Hospital and the Harvard Medical School. Boston also has the strongest economy in the New England Region, with industries in biotechnology, scientific research, higher technology, and finance.

Diverse and Multicultural Environment

Like most of the USA, Boston grew from the hard work of its immigrant population. Do not be surprised to learn that green is the favorite color in Boston because green is a symbol of the city’s rich Irish-Immigrant history. The annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Boston is a testimony to this. The North End neighborhood in Boston with its delicious Italian Restaurants and Italian ambiance is a product of the Italian immigration period. After Ellis Island in New York City, Boston was the second city at the turn of the 19th century to receive the most European immigrants. Today, Boston is the new home for immigrants from all over the world. Language Skills, you will befriend international students from regions like South America and Asia. As you shop and dine in the city, you will find many ethnic restaurants and shops to try. Americans value diversity, and so do we at the Language Skills!

As an international student at the Language Skills, you will not be alone. Many of the nearby universities also host international students learning English in Boston. When you walk the streets of Boston, do not be surprised to hear numerous languages other than English being spoken. Most Bostonians are patient and understanding with English students, and most times, they are willing to help them improve their English.

Weather and Seasons

The New England region of the U.S.A. is well-known for its beautiful seasons. In the spring, the grounds are lush and green with blossoms filling the air. In the summer, locals hit the seashore and spend time in the cool waters with picturesque lighthouses dotting the seacoast. Foliage viewing is popular in the fall because the New England area is nothing but beautiful when the numerous trees change into effervescent colors of fire red, sunny yellow, and shades of orange and brown. The snow white winter blanket the earth, and has inspired many poets to write fondly of this time of the year.

Other Interesting History

The incumbent U.S. President, Barack Obama, studied law in the world class Harvard Law School located across the Charles’ River that borders Boston. Every visitor to Boston rubs the foot of the statue of the university’s founder for good luck in academics. Do this, too, for your English studies!