Activities & Events

By participating in our activities you will spend time with school faculty and your classmates, and make new friends. Each month we attend new cultural events, visit local museums and sporting events, hold parties at the school, take sight-seeing trips around Boston, have BBQs at local parks, take field trips to amusement parks, and much more!

Museum Trips

Connect fun and learning! One of our most popular field trips is the monthly visit to the Museum of Science. Only a short walk from the school, the MoS is a great place to spend time with your classmates and teachers outside of the school, and it’s an educational experience at the same time. Learn about our planet and its history through scientific experiments, displays, and by watching live animals in a habitat created to simulate their natural one.

Potluck Lunch

Every other month our students gather to share the cuisine from their corner of the world. Everyone is able to sample dishes from many different countries, and everyone has a great time!

Outdoor Theater & Concerts

Every summer, the city of Boston features a special theater production at the Boston Common. Last year, we visited the popular Shakespeare in the Park where students had a great time watching the play “All’s Well That Ends Well”. What a great way to introduce them not only to American culture, but also the English language!

Baseball Game

At least once every Summer, we visit legendary Fenway Park to watch Boston’s beloved baseball team in action. Go Red Sox!

BBQ Party

Enjoy the beautiful Boston summer with your classmates, teachers, and school staff in one of the city’s wonderful parks. Grill up your favorite meat or vegetable, throw the Frisbee or football around, kick the soccer ball, or just have fun speaking English.

Ice Skating

A great way to enjoy a winter afternoon in Boston is to ice skate on the Frog Pond, located in the Boston Common, one of America’s most treasured public parks.

Summer Fun

Boston offers lots of great summer activities; from free ice cream events to picnics to a day at the beach, everyone finds their perfect way to enjoy the warm days in this beautiful city and its surrounding areas.

Apple Picking

Apple Picking is a traditional activity of a New England fall. On a beautiful fall day students have a chance to experience a rich outdoor activity full of fall colors and sunshine. Apple picking is an annual event where students can explore the apple orchards in the countryside. This trip includes the opportunity to hand-pick delicious apples, purchase apple cider donuts and candied apples and even take a hay ride through the fields of the apple orchards!

Halloween Party

Each year on or around October 31st, LAL Boston throws its legendary Halloween party. Everybody wears costumes – the best of which wins a prize – we carve pumpkins, hear and tell scary stories, play games, share food, and learn all about the American Halloween tradition.

Thanksgiving Dinner

Another great tradition that we share at LAL Boston is the annual Thanksgiving dinner. This event gives students the opportunity to learn about the most important holiday in the USA and the history behind it. Each student contributes to the lavish Thanksgiving buffet, the director cooks the turkey, and everybody shares what they are thankful for.

“Hanging Out” at the School

Each month we have one Movie Day and one Game Day at the school. We will all get together to watch a movie, play games, or just hang out after class.

These activities provide an opportunity to see the city and surrounding areas and to practice English in an informal setting. There are many, many fun activities planned for every season of the year.

We can’t wait to meet you! As you’re getting ready to travel to Boston, here are some exciting events and programs for you to look forward to.