Homestay Program

Live with an American family
Boston ESL Home Stay

Live with an American Family and learn English quickly

LAL Boston’s homestay program is the best way to improve your English and learn about American culture. You will have a private or shared room and share the living areas with the rest of the homestay family. You will be provided with breakfast and dinner at home – an opportunity to talk about the day’s events and share each other’s culture. Homestay families are safe and convenient to get to from the school.

Homestay F.A.Q.

How can I pay? Do I have to pay upon the application?

You pay the homestay fee directly to the school when you pay your tuition.

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What type of family does LAL Boston provide?

Our host families represent the diversity of American culture. They come from a wide variety of backgrounds and are open-minded and excited to have students in their homes.

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How can LAL Boston ensure the quality of host families?

Our Homestay Coordinator visits every family to ensure it is in a safe and comfortable area and interviews the family to make sure they provide a supportive learning environment for our students.

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What would I benefit from the homestay program?

Our host families are multicultural and represent the diversity of the USA. They are open, friendly and ready to share their home with you. They can help you with your English and help you adapt to American culture. You benefit from this experience as it helps you to understand American culture first and as well as improve you English speaking skills.

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What should I do during my stay with my host family?

You should be open-minded and flexible. There may be many differences between your culture and American culture. However, if you keep an open mind, and talk to your family about these differences and any problems or questions you have, they can help you adapt. Talking to your host family is the most important aspect of the stay and helps create a positive home environment for you.

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Can I change to other host family if I’m not happy with my current host family?

If you are not happy with your current host family, we ask that you come to speak with the Homestay Coordinator about your problems. After consultation with the Homestay Coordinator, we will help you change to another family if a change is needed.

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Can I move out and search for my own accommodation?

Yes. You need to inform your host family and the Homestay Coordinator two weeks before you move out.

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Contact a Housing Advisor

  • Leave a message and one of our friendly student advisors will get back to you within 24 hours.