Choose the housing option that is right for you
One of the most important parts of your trip to Boston will be your accommodations. While Language Skills students have the option of finding housing on their own, many students choose one of the housing options provided by the school.

We currently offer three housing options for our students:

Homestay Program

Boston ESL Homestay
The homestay program is the best way to learn English in a short amount of time. You will live with an American family and share two meals per day, where you will interact with your host family and build a lasting friendship.

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Friend Street Hostel

ESL students at a hostel in Boston
Staying at the Friend Street Hostel is nice way to explore Boston and enjoy a short term English program. The hostel rates include breakfast and the hostel offers many free and fun activities. Oh, and it’s also directly across the street from the school.

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International Guest House

the international student guest house in Boston
IGH provides its residents with comfortable living in a great location. Students come from all over the world making it extremely convenient to meet people and make new friends. The guest house includes breakfast and dinner 7 days a week.

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